Bunzie’s Cove is a place where you experience new things and rediscover aspects forgotten during the rush of life. The aim of this resort is to provide a space free of distractions that promotes a holistic merging between the guest and the environment. Bunzie’s layout allows the spaces to unfold gradually through filters and silence.

There is a world of sensations behind the simple entrance passages with enhanced natural lighting and lush foliage. Achieving balance between the many elements that go into making a resort’s outdoor ambience is not something that happens by chance. Only through careful thought and consideration can you create space that works well. A holistic approach is required in considering all the elements of space, the structure, the quality of light, the use of room, the pervading atmosphere, furnishing and color to ensure they work together cohesively.

Bunzie’s Cove is a sanctuary on its own where you’ll see that you can breathe new life and freshness into space in much simpler ways with maximum dramatic effect.